Anyone who wants to understand their body better and is interested in doing something good for their body should use this test. For example, if you are experiencing things like malaise, lack of strength, lack of concentration, or other symptoms, this test can help improve them. But even if you don’t have a specific problem but just want to check if everything is okay, or you are generally interested in optimizing your body and mind, this test will help you.

After you have taken a picture of the test strip in the INTOYOU app, our software analyzes the test strip. The software only needs a few seconds for this. Afterward, you can see all your results in the app in a simple and straightforward format.

The test procedure was developed by experienced physicians, nutrition trainers, and software developers. We place the highest value on the precision of our test strips and our analysis software. Our analysis procedure has been extensively tested and validated to ensure accurate results. Our unique camera calibration allows us to ensure consistent results on different smartphones, under different lighting conditions.

This is entirely up to you! Our doctors and nutritionists recommend testing once or twice a month. This way, you can track your progress and adjust your diet, supplements, or lifestyle as needed.

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